Global Gatherings was born from a love of travel and appreciation of unique handmade products made in communities that are striving for sustainable livelihoods. The passion of the people and communities is the main reason we are bringing these products to a larger audience.

We feel that our business offers our customers a win-win situation: by purchasing one of our rare finds, you are not only getting a wonderful, handmade product for your home or business, you are also contributing to the preservation of many culture’s and helping a craftsperson become financially independent. It's a true economic partnership in every sense of the word.

Every product has a story. If you listen closely, every product will tell you of the hands that held it and crafted it with care. Every stitch, bead, carve, cut, sand and polish represents a moment an artisan has spent, practicing and perfecting their craft. Handcrafted products celebrate the traditions of cultures around the world.

We hope each product you purchase takes you on an adventure……